I'm a Multimedia Tourism Designer.

I design imaginary worlds
for let you know
the real one.

Creo mondi immaginari

per farti conoscere

quello vero.

EPI Lyon

EPI: Explore, Play, Impact. A gamification project with a  touristic and social inclusion mission.

Your duty? Have fun. History has never been so pop. First mission? Visit Lyon!

More infos: www.epilyon.com

Preorder Arena Temporis, the gamebook that let you play with your city:


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FIFA, Paratissima, Reykjavik International Film Festival, Theatre Regio Torino, BeccoGiallo Publisher, Festas de Lisboa, Centro de inovação da mouraria / mouraria creative hub, CKS France, Garrincha music label (Lo Stato Sociale, L’orso,…),…